A (somewhat) daily journal of art and stuff by Will Mullery, student and illustrator
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fun blog

Will this project never end


Diptych for today: the guide and the map

Monoprint #2, Inktober day 18

Monoprint, experimenting with japanese paper and printing without a press at home. I’m probably gonna go back in and rework the image, but I love the textures that came out of it.

Inktober 17, monoprint on arches 88. This keeps deleting, let’s hope this one works.

Used today’s Inktober to experiment with media: sumi, micron, gesso, and watercolor on japanese paper

inktober day 15

got a roll of japanese rice paper, trying to get a feel for how it absorbs ink. really fun so far

also channeling yoshitaka amano for this one

I think I crossed a line with this one